Rebel Scene & Rebel Desire #2

旧ソ連・ベラルーシで、Rebel Sceneというポリティカル・パンク/ハードコア・レーベルを運営する、Acclaim Collectiveのある友人アナキスト・パンクス (ちなみに、彼は、ポリティカル・クラスティー・メロディック・ハードコア "I Know" の元メンバーでもある) が、そのレーベルと並行してやっているアナキスト (パンク)・ジャーナル "Rebel Desire" の第2号が刊行された模様! (上記のフライヤーの右端の雑誌) 。なぜこのPunks Against G8で紹介したかというと、もちろん友人ということもありますが、この号には、彼自身も参加した、2007年ドイツ・ロストックでの反G8抗議についてのレポートが掲載されているから。言うに及ばす、このレポートはこの日「そこ」にいた彼の手によるもの (現物はまだ未確認ですが、フライヤーにそれを確認できる事柄も書いてあり、なにしろ本人から聞いたことなので確実でしょう)。すべてロシア語。しかし今後、英語版も刊行されるとのこと。ちかじか、Acclaim Collectiveにも入荷させる予定。また、レーベルのリリースも素晴らしいものばかりで、これらも一緒に入荷させる予定なので、その際はぜひチェックを!

"music is our weapon, texts are our bullets."
- Rebel Scene

Message by REBEL SCENE

New releases:



Release of this record was delayed for more than half a year. After the eviction of Ungdomshuset some members of Skarpretter together with more than 250 people were thrown behind bars and were kept there for more than 3 months. After their release from jail they recorded the amazing “Ammunition” EP, and now we made this split.

On this vinyl: punk rock by Skarpretter (with members of Paragraf 119), energetic and really angry as always, with distinctive and sincere vocal.

Bagna from Belarus with members of Contra La Contra. Great d-beat crust hardcore, sometimes fast, sometimes not, with driven melodic and raw guitars. Difficult to compare with anything, but to get the idea mix from ashes rise and Schifosi.

The cover includes lyrics, columns about situation in Denmark and Belarus and a poster.

3 euro

Bagna : www.myspace.com/bagna
Skarpretter : www.myspace.com/skarpretter


THE ASSASSINATORS "Sigt Efter Hjertet" LP / CD

Melodic lyrical punk rock from Copenhagen with catchy riffs and very beautiful female voices. 32 page LP sized booklet with 12 politically-poetical lyrics and comments.

LP – 7 euro
CD – 5 euro

The Assassinators : www.myspace.com/theassassinators

And available:

ICTUS "Imperivm" LP / CD

Oh hell! New record by this band from Galicia, Spain, with members of Madame Germen, Сop On Fire and Disappointment. It’s a one track album – 38 minutes of dark apocalyptic hardcore, harmoniously and excellently mix with crust and metal, with big portion of beautiful and thrilling melodies. And crying lyrics about destructive world politics of the USA.
With their music they pave their own way in punk rock, the way filled with despair and anger!
This record as the previous ones is a soundtrack of my life.
LP – 7 euro
CD – 5 euro

Ictus : www.myspace.com/ictuscore

All prices include postage


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